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Reign Of Blood is a free popular vampire-themed text-based roleplaying game.
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About Reign Of Blood
Reign Of Blood is a free text-based vampire-themed game which takes place in a world of vampiric chaos. Complete quests, missions, explore multiple cities, train, and destroy your enemies. Join covens and take part in game-wide wars, or use our roleplay features. Satisfy your need for blood in our free vampire online game.

Recent Game Activity
Rank Up Diamond (743792) ranked up and is now rank 481
Quest SHAUNI (51876) completed 9 daily quests today
Quest Loki (662469) completed 9 daily quests today
Rank Up ~ Rachelle L.B. ~ (733661) ranked up and is now rank 185
Rank Up SHAUNI (51876) ranked up and is now rank 4136
Rank Up Drained (673175) ranked up and is now rank 1051
Rank Up Bimy Phuri Dae (641551) ranked up and is now rank 3031
Rank Up SHAUNI (51876) ranked up and is now rank 4135
Rank Up Brennan Rego Malik (602429) ranked up and is now rank 11010

Game Highlights
57 Online Vampires
Dedicated Developer
Free To Play
No Downloads
PvP & PvE Battles
Regular Updates
No Resets
Covens & Coven Wars
Hundreds Of Quests
Interactive Roleplay Features
Forum & Chats
Customisable Profiles
Carbon Neutral Service
& So Much More!

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