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April RED Lottery Bonus

Posted on 14-Apr-2017

Red Lottery

The Reign Of Blood RED Lottery launched earlier in the year. It gives players a free shot at earning some RED RED which can be used to buy game packs, or reduce the cost of them. When people make Amazon purchases through Reign Of Blood, the commission that the site earns (to be spent on more advertising for the game) and then that value is transferred into RED Lottery jackpot (1 red = $0.01). In the last few days of each month, everyone can go claim their free tickets. If you want to get credit for your Amazon purchases to get extra tickets, you can do that!

April Bonuses

Amazon recently announced some generous bonus commissions this months for their Amazon music service. For each person that signs up for a free trial to Amazon Music Unlimited, 1000 RED will be added to the RED jackpot (don't forget to claim your trial to get extra tickets). I'd appreciate everyone to do this if they can, just don't forget to cancel (either within a day if you don't want it, or before the trial period ends). This is separate from Prime, so it doesn't matter if you're already a prime member or not.

I've done it which has added 1000 more RED into the pot!

Unfortunately this is for the USA and UK people only. Don't blame me, blame Amazon!

USA players can click to start 1000 RED free trial >>>

UK players can click to start 1000 RED free trial >>>

Easter Event

There are still a few days left of the Easter event. Don't forget to leave "egg" in your name for a free gift!




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