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Reign Of Blood Terms Of Service

These Terms of Services, are subject to change at anytime.
By signing up to the game and logging-in to your account, you are agreeing to these terms.

Last Updated: 29th December 2010

Breaking this Terms Of Service
If you are found guilty of violating the Terms Of Service, or any of its addendums, Reign Of Blood staff may temporarily ban or remove access to an area of the game. Staff may also lock, or "jail", your account for an amount of time they deem necessary. Subsequent violations of Terms of Service will carry increased penalties and restrictions. Purchasing a donator pack of any type does not make you immune to the Terms of Service.

1. Accounts

1.1 Age
This game is not intended for persons under 13 years of age. By signing up for an account, you are agreeing that you are thirteen years of age or older. Please be aware that player profiles are not heavily moderated and some content may be inappropriate for minors. We will remove highly offensive or illegal content. Misrepresenting your age to be perceived as an adult when you are not, or a minor when you are in fact 18+ will result in the jailing or permanent restriction of your account.

1.2 Multiple Accounts (Multis)
You are only permitted one account. If you are found with more than one account on any given network, all linked accounts will be jailed.

1.3 Illegal Transfers
If you know of any other person playing on a network you access, or you wish to report that you will access the game via public networks (school/university campuses, wifi hotspots, libraries, etc.), you can submit a Permissions request by logging in and submitting a Help Ticket. However, when granted, you are not permitted to trade any in-game currency (except plasma) or equipment with any other account on the same network (unless given a One Time Transaction Permission by a higher member of staff). Breaking this rule will result in all accounts on the network jailed. Please login and navigate to the help page for more information.

Illegal Transfers are transactions in which virtual currencies are traded between accounts on the same IP, accounts that are on Permissions, between multi accounts, or any of these done via third party. Any illegally gained funds/equipment will be removed from the game, and further actions, such as stat loss may occur as deemed necessary.

1.3.1 Gifting system & Buying VIP
In game, there is an option to buy subscriptions and virtual currencies with real cash. You are able to buy these currencies for yourself, or direct the product to another player (this includes through the VIP gifting system). Buying virtual currency for your account and then sending it in game to a player on your network will count as an Illegal Transfer.

1.4 Account Sharing
Account sharing is an account that is accessed by anyone who did not originally create the account. This is strictly prohibited and may result in all accounts being jailed without warning. Do not give your login credentials to anyone.

1.5 Transferring Account Access & Selling
Game accounts can only be accessed by the user who initially signed up. Game accounts cannot be transferred to a new owner or sold to any third party. Accounts caught being transferred to a new owner will be permanently jailed.

2. In-Game

2.1 Bug Abuse
Any users found to abuse a bug or glitch within the site will be jailed and advantages gained from the bug removed. If you come across a bug, please report it on the Bug Forum or by help ticket.

2.2 Interactive/Automated Software
You are not permitted to use any other software, which includes automated software, apart from a web browser to play the game. Any automated software written to interact with the game is strictly forbidden. This includes automated web browser add-ons. Any software, or software add-on, which interacts with the game without you clicking an in-game link, is prohibited. Any users found using, distributing or promoting the use of such software will be jailed. Any illegally gained advantages will be removed from the accounts involved, and further actions, such as stat loss may occur if deemed necessary.

2.2.1 Suspicious Activity
If account activity leads to suspicion of violation of the Terms of Service through use of unauthorised software, timers, add-ons, or any other manner inconsistent with fair game play, that account is subject to being held in jail after a preliminary investigation, until such time that a final investigation produces a conclusion. Time served while the account is under investigation will count toward the final sentence. If an account is determined to be innocent and released, VIP days will be reimbursed.

2.3 Encouraging Cheating
Encouraging or willfully assisting another player to break any of these rules will be considered and treated as if you broke the rule(s) yourself.

2.4 Coven Theft
Users found to intentionally remove assets from a coven for the purpose of self-profit or as an attack against the coven may be jailed and the assets returned to the coven. If the assets cannot be retrieved the user will be fined the total value of assets stolen. Due to the vagueness of this rule and different possible situations, staff have final say on whether to act on an accusation.

2.5 Being A Threat
A player may be considered a threat to the game if they are constantly involved in acts that will make the game less enjoyable for other members. This includes constantly harassing players, slander, abuse, exposing information about staff or things deemed not appropriate etc. Depending on how threatening the player is considered to be, the consequence can vary from a communications ban, jail, or deletion. Also, all players that are involved in these acts, by either taking part or contributing will also be subject to jailing.

2.5.1 Safety and Inappropriate Conduct
Any player who poses a viable threat to the physical safety of another member will be considered a serious threat, and may be permanently jailed from the game. This particularly applies to anyone who misrepresents their age for the purposes of inappropriate conduct with a minor, or a minor who does the same and endangers other members in this way.

2.5.2 Trolling
A player who trolls members may be banned or jailed for an indefinite period of time. Trolling is the act of consistently disrupting areas of the game (including, but not limited to, profiles, blogs, and public chat and forums) with the specific purpose of reducing others' enjoyment of the game. This includes discouragement from financially supporting the game.

2.6 Profiles
You are given the option to edit your profile using HTML/CSS (excluding CSS3). There are specific profile rules on the edit profile page which you must adhere to. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in you losing the ability to edit your profile, and you may be jailed. At ANY time can we edit your profile without notice.

2.7 Coven Invites/Spam
A built in coven invitation system is in place to help stop comment spam. If you send a coven invitation via comments and you're caught or reported, then your account is liable for jailing. You must stick with the coven invite system to recruit people to your coven.

2.8 RED Offers
Reign of Blood has RED offers that users can complete to earn certain VIP upgrades. You are strongly advised to take care regarding information that you choose to give out to the companies hosting these offers. Reign Of Blood has no control of what is on these offers, and cannot be held responsible for anything when you press the link and you leave the site.

2.9 User Generated Content
To the extent that portions of this site provides users an opportunity to post and/or exchange information, ideas, and opinions in chat rooms, forums, blood letters etc. Please be advised that postings do not necessarily reflect the views of Reign Of Blood. Although we periodically monitor exchanged and posted information, in no event does Reign Of Blood assume or have any responsibility or liability for any postings or for any claims, damages or losses resulting from their use and/or appearance on or in conjunction with this site or elsewhere. Users remain solely responsible for the content of their messages and postings. However, Reign Of Blood reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse to post any Posting that violates these Terms and Conditions, as well as revoke the privileges of any user who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

2.9.1 Content Theft
Do not steal other player's created content, including and not limited to, blogs, profile writings, and RP characters. Copying another player's work and passing it off as your own will not be tolerated. Violation may result in loss of posting privileges, such as profile editing, blog posting, restriction of RP features. Any violations that we decide are legitimate will result in the content removed from your account. Constant violation of this rule can result in jail time. Staff decision is final on any conflict or opposition of the contents origin, and staff will decide on a case by case basis on what action to take if required. Please use proper channels (by submitting a ticket) to report this if you feel your content has been stolen.

2.10 Abuse
Being abusive to other players and staff is strictly prohibited. You may be banned from chat rooms and forums if you verbally abuse staff or other players. You could also be put in jail.

2.11 Abuse #2
If another player is harassing you, you have been given an option to BLOCK them. If you are still being harassed by other means AFTER you've blocked them, then please contact us.

2.12 Your Link
You are not permitted to spam your link on any website. If the owner of a website complains of spam via your link, you will be jailed. You are not permitted to use proxies to gain link clicks. We log every click, and if you cheat the system (I.E using proxies), you will be jailed. You are also not permitted to advertise your link in game around Reign Of Blood.

2.13 Soliciting Information
The solicitation or transaction of real life funds via any Reign of Blood medium (blood letters, forums, coven forums, chat) will not be permitted. Attempting to acquire real life currency by request, or for the sale of in-game or actual items is prohibited and may result in forum or chat bans, account jailing or permanent account deletion/restriction. You are not permitted to sell any in game currency or items for real cash and/or cash purchases made for you or for others, except for the trade of VIP upgrades for Reign of Blood accounts. This includes all in-game currencies, covens, and full accounts.

2.13.1 Personal information
Attempting to obtain personal information (such as email, phone number, address, full name, etc.) from a minor (under age 18) that could allow "offline contact" is strictly forbidden. Any users found attempting to obtain (or give) personal information, or account information (such as signup email and password), may be banned indefinitely from the site. You are not permitted to post any personal contact information about you or others on publicly viewable features (chat/forums/profiles/blogs) of the game.

2.14 Accusations
Every player has the right to accuse another player who they suspect is breaking these terms of service. Please submit a help ticket with full details.

2.14.1 False Accusations
Users found deliberately making false accusations of cheating by another player will be jailed from the game. Altering "evidence" against a player, such as editing chat logs, will be considered as making a deliberate false accusation.

3. Payments

3.1 VIP
All accounts are free and the game is free to play. However there is an optional VIP upgrade, which gives you some in-game extras. Most packs are one-time payments only; there are 'recurring subscriptions', and they are clearly marked. Packs are not refundable, but it is possible for you to buy packs for another account. VIP packs cannot be transferred or removed once added to an account.

3.2 Chargeback's
Users agree if any payment transaction tied to their account is charged back or refunded (I.E using a stolen credit card), your account will lose all of what you purchased and your account will be jailed until the full amount of money is returned (+ up to 10% extra). Please contact us for more information on this.

4. External Sites

4.1 Advertising Other Sites
It is against the rules to advertise/mention/promote and post links to any competing website (any online games, communities, etc), in chat, forum or mail. Doing this can lead to banning/jailing without warning.

4.2 External Sites
Reign Of Blood is not held responsible for the content of any external sites. Users can link to other sites; a confirmation page is displayed before a user continues. Any site that is hosted outside the domain is not associated with us.

4.3 External Sites #2
Via profiles and coven pages it is possible to embed content from certain sites, i.e. YouTube, Xat etc. ReignOfBlood is not held responsible for the content of these external sites. If you have any issues with what is external and what is not, please contact us. If you have any problems with the external content, please contact that site support; we cannot help with any external sites.

4.4 Referrals
Users found creating multiple accounts to cheat the referral system will be jailed from the game, all multiple accounts deleted, and any rewards obtained from referral points removed. You are not allowed to post your referral link on ReignOfBlood; doing so would be considered spam and an attempt to cheat the referral system.


5.1 Connectivity
Reign Of Blood does not guarantee connectivity, though we do our best to keep the servers online 24/7.

5.2 Staff Policy
Staff have a final say on everything, if you are abusive to staff or do not obey their rules then your account can be jailed or banned without warning.

5.2.1 Impersonating Staff
Impersonating a member of ReignOfBlood staff or impersonating a representative of ReignOfBlood is strictly forbidden. Any users caught doing so can be banned or jailed.

5.3 Account Rights
All Accounts remain the property of Reign Of Blood and members are simply given rights to access them.

5.4 Intellectual Rights
Any individual who attempts to reverse engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of Reign Of Blood (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

5.5 This Agreement
Reign Of Blood shall be not responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement (Connectivity, loss of account information) if such failure is caused by events or conditions beyond Reign Of Blood's reasonable control.

5.6 Addendum
Other sections of the game may have its own rules (such as the chat rooms.) These rules are an addition to the ToS, not a replacement. Violation of these rules is considered to be a violation of the ToS and will be dealt with accordingly. Please familiarize yourself with all game rules before playing. Failure to be familiar with the game rules is not an excuse for breaking them and will not be accepted as a defence of your account.

5.7 Adverts
This site contains advertisements for non-VIP players, Reign Of Blood is not held responsible for what is shown, or the content on the ads or the sites they link too. We do monitor the content but cannot be held responsible for it. If you have any complaints or queries, contact us.

5.8 Language is a game written in English. All public content (including forum & chat) must be posted in the English language so it can be properly moderated.

5.9 Emails
You agree to allow welcome emails being sent to the email you provided us in the first few days you're a member. You'll also receive email notifications when some sends you a blood letter or comment. You can login to your account and turn these notification emails off at any time. We do not spam or sell your details. Click here to view our privacy policy.





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