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2020 In Review

Posted on 31-Dec-2020

I know, I get it, we'd rather forget 2020 happened. But the nightmare of 2020 is going to leak into a big chunk of 2021, so let's take a deep breath, and have a look back over the top new updates and features that came to Reign Of Blood over the past year. It's safe to say that 2020 has been the "year of calendars" as far as Reign Of Blood is concerned, but let's dig a little deeper. 2020 was the most active year on Reign Of Blood compared to the last few years. Activity has been at an all time high, which is not hugely surprising as people have spent more time indoors this year. Let's dig in.

2020 In Review

Over 273 game updates were posted throughout the year, and we started the year with conflict tweaks, including negative raid effects, more in-depth coven war day logs, coven controlled conflict strategy messages on top of the pages, and the in-depth coven VIP brawl hourly log. We saw the release of achievements list 14 with a record 24 tasks, and then April hit and the pandemic took grip. I released the first of a kind April Calendar to see through what we naively thought would be a temporary lockdown to surpress the virus as we were mostly all stuck inside. The end of April saw the introduction of the newest coven conflict Treaty, which has been a huge success. In May the calendar's continued along with a whole bunch of RP character, house & lore updates. As we entered summer, more conflict tweaks were made along with the introduction of NPC coven characters for forums. Autumn saw many major events and calendars throughout, ending with the preview of the 2021 layout and ending with a bang announcing the return of Reign Of Blood Merch.


As we enter 2021, there are a couple new things coming up which were almost finished (but delayed), and of course 2021 will see the rollout of our brand in-game new layout. The new layout has been tested by staff and many players over the last month and is stable and ready for the full rollout. If you don't yet know about the new upcoming layout, you can read about it here.

Happy new year to all you, and a good bye to our EU friends.

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