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2021 In Review

Posted on 30-Dec-2021

Somehow 2021 is over already. I'm not how it's managed to fly by so fast, but here we are! Let's take a look back over what happened on Reign Of Blood throughout 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

2021 In Review

Over 200 game updates were posted throughout the year. We started the year with making the game officially 16+, and adding some face coverings to our Merch Store. We introduced marriage rings that you could buy and display on your profiles. After months of playing with temporary calendars to get us through lockdowns, the big update of the New Permanent Dynamic Calendar was made to enjoy every month going forward. It hosts game events and freebies all in one place, as well the ability to add your own events and coven events, and there's even premium for those who really love it. We saw achievement list 15 and coven list 9 added like clockwork. There was a bunch of general site optimisations which decreased page loads once again. We revisited blogs with a new layout, folders, and new options. Revisited Mt. Tilia with a new look and lots of quality of life improvements. There was the introduction of the global events feed, forecast of the day was added to compliment word of the day. We added a new statue RP feature to make further use of the Dead City Statue, and then finally the progression of the old hall of fame to get to the new coven battlegrounds conflict feature.

Thoughts & 2022

Looking forward to 2022, there are a couple things that need to be done first. The tutorial needs an overhaul as I intend to increase the Reign Of Blood marketing to get some fresh blood in, as well as chipping away on something big that will make good use of the new global feed and calendar. I'll run another poll soon to get a roundup of current issues that go under the radar, as I know how much difference quality of life tweaks make. This time last year the desktop version of the site got a new layout that everyone is on (what a relief) and i'll be doing some tweaks to the mobile UI as well, as I know some parts of RoB Mobile is falling behind.

Happy new year to all you. Promo code: happy2022


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