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2023 Valentine Event

Posted on 31-Jan-2023

The first half of February will be a loving good time! Through February 15th, they'll be several love-themed events you can take part in. Love is a bloody mess, are you ready?

Reigning Couples

It wouldn't be Valentine's without a Reigning Couples contest. Pair up and collect hearts from vampire battles on the 4th, 5th, and 6th. You must be coupled up by the end of the 3rd February to take part. Prizes are given to all the top couples!

Heart Lockets

Starting February 7th, you can purchase a Heart Locket which can give you various boosts. Complete daily quests through February 14th to upgrade your locket for even more boosts!

Give Love

A favourite feature that you all love to throw endless amounts of cash at is back! Show your love for other vampires by giving them love via the love counter on their profile. Who will be the most loved this year? You can start giving love right now!

Love AP Rage!

From the 8th through 15th Februray, there will be be a love-filled AP Rage.
(Double Turns will active on Feb 7th to charge up for the event)

Heartbreak Haven - RP

Enter this months Valentine RP for QP & more prizes!

VIP/Plasma Special

Of course, an event isn't an event unless there's some bargains to have. Get extra VIP, Plasma, limited collectibles, and more, by indulging in one of our special valentines packs.

The Valentine event will be located on your Calendar from the 1st, and you can find the special VIP/Plasma packs right here.

There might even be a few more surprises along the way!



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