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Hall Of Fame 3 Launched

Posted on 18-Nov-2021

Today, I am launching the open beta of Hall Of Fame #3. The Coven Hall Of Fame's are little vanity spots (with boosts) to give covens something else to compete over through their wars and brawls each week. Now, the third section of the Hall Of Fame is open.

#3 is taking what people love about the coven power relics and into a new fast moving and dynamic hall of fame. Each coven can have a stab at getting through stage 1 once per hour (for each of the slots). When you're through, you have three codes to input to take the slot. The slot is then yours for at least 24 hours. #3 might be labelled as "Battleground Alpha", which will become clear in time.

There are more ways I intend to expand and tweak this, but I thought with how it currently is along its current development cycle would be a good time to put it out in the real world and see how it performs in the live game.

Head over to the new Coven Hall Of Fame to check it out.



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