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Introducing the Reign Of Blood Web App & Device Notifications

Posted on 23-Apr-2023

One of most popular questions I get is When are you making an app? The answer has always been... never! There's (almost) nothing an iOS or Android app would give that the mobile version of the game doesn't. I also don't want to have to deal with the bureaucracy of Apple and Google dealing with their App Store approval processes.

That "(almost)" I mentioned earlier is of course device notifications. Most of the requests to build an iOS/Android app is getting notifications to your phone when you receive new Blood Letters etc. With the latest versions of iOS 16.4 and Android 13, Apple & Google are embracing web apps more on mobile devices. So, I have created a Reign Of Blood web app!

This web app puts Reign Of Blood on your home screen and most importantly, allows for device notifications. While you have always been able to save websites to your home screen, what's different now is Reign Of Blood has been setup using the latest web protocols and now opens in a new way that actually looks like it's an App Store app on your phone! Try it out for yourself! On iOS, tap share, then add to Home Screen, on Android, tap settings menu and add/install to Home Screen, then open it up. It's pretty much indistinguishable to an App Store app.

Device Notifications (beta)

Reign Of Blood can now send device notifications to both desktops and mobiles. It's currently setup just for Blood Letters, but it will be extended to other features throughout the beta period if things go well and this becomes viable. I am using a third party notification provider alongside the upgrade to Reign Of Blood my end. The cost of the service is low so it will be available to everyone, but it will be monitored.

There might be a few issues here and there, but I have been using it and testing it over the last few weeks on all my devices and have made workarounds for the issues I have come across. Using ad/content blockers does cause issues, but I have made videos and guides to help you if you indeed do have any issues. Sadly, with Apple being Apple, it is a little more complicated to setup on iOS, but I have made a tutorial to make it as clear as possible.

It's very exciting to take Reign Of Blood to this next level to further be able to integrate into mobile devices. I hope you give it a go! You'll find the setup on the Device Notifications page via your Account. I've setup this forum thread for discussion and bug reports as well.


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