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New "Login With Google" Login/Signup Option

Posted on 27-Feb-2022

A while ago I added the option to quickly create an account and login with your Facebook account. This helps increase the conversation rate of signups when you're hit with a form to create your vampire account. This was (and still is) a great quick option for users, as well as increasing the conversation rates from Facebook Ads.

Now, with the ever-increasing amount of new traffic coming to Reign Of Blood being mobile devices, I thought it was time to add a new option. That option is now "Login with Google".

If you have a Google account, you can use the "Login with Google" option to create a new account, and then use it to login. This should increase the conversation rate of the signup page for those on mobile devices, especially as just over half of the mobile traffic is Android.

For all you current vampires, you can actually use the "Login With Google" option yourself as long as your Google email matches your Reign Of Blood email. Even though most people do use password managers these days, it is another quick login option as long as your Gmail/google email EXACTLY matches the email you use for Reign Of Blood.



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