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New Year Reign Of Blood Subscription Offer!

Posted on 11-Jan-2022

As we head into 2022, we actually have a record number of people subscribed to our subscription packs. Subscriptions aren't for everyone, I know. Most vampires on Reign of Blood prefer to pay as they go when they need or want things, which is great! I really do appreciate all the support Reign Of Blood gets, whatever form that is. It's come to my attention that many of you don't even know these subscriptions exists! So for the month of January, I'm running a little promotion to give a little extra to our subscribers and anyone else who wants to jump onboard to get the word out.

Subscribing to packs allows automatic payments to be taken every month to save the hassle of you having to buy multiple times. You have full control, you can cancel any time, and you can easily can see when the next payment is due and more on the subscription page.

Most of the subscription packs contain VIP and VIP+, and also include a range of Plasma or Potion Credits depending on what you use the most. The newest 200 Potion Credit pack has been super popular as it gives you enough to last a month while spending freely on Potion boosts. Some packs contain RED which some vampires use as a pre-paying method for when specials or madness packs come in during the month. For all your loving couples, there are couples subscription packs that apply to both you and your in-game spouse as well.

Each pack also contains a free collectible every month, and FREE monthly tiered rewards (1 to 5), that can range from QP to Plasma and Vials depending on the pack. These are given to every vampire at the start of the month for every subscriber with an active subscription. It's a little extra free thank you.

So for the month of January all current and new active subscribers will get a little extra reward at the start of February (which will be given out manually):
  • TRIPLE Tiered rewards (which could be up to 18 Plasma and 18 Blue Vials for the month)

  • A one-off 2022 subscription collectible

  • 100 RED to sell in-game of money off your next pack

  • Click here to check out the subscription packs >>>


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