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April Fools!

Posted on 01-Apr-2017

Edit: April Fools!

Divorce has long been a problem here on Reign Of Blood. People fall out, stop having tingly feelings for each other, and decide to move on with their vampire lives. Sometimes, it feels like the person divorcing doesn't get any benefit clicking the divorce button. I mean, they have the balls to do it. So why shouldn't they be rewarded? Well from today, they will.

When you file for a divorce (via Dead City Union Church) you will be entitled to half your spouse' money (hand and bank), half their AP, half their QP and half their Plasma. I believe that ending a Reign Of Blood marriage should leave both parties with the same networth is the correct move forward. You can hit the divorce button at the Union Church and see what you'll get before confirming the divorce, so you at least know where you stand, even if you've not quite decided to do it yet. My feeling is you'll probably take the money and run.

Secondly, due the overwhelming requests for an upgrade service beyond VIP and even VIP+, I'm testing one more. And it's called VIP MEGAEXTREMEAWESOMEPLUS++. Although it's a mouthful, it really is a sight to be seen. The perks you get being a VIP MEGAEXTREMEAWESOMEPLUS++ member is just out of this world, but still in this world. Click the link below to check it out and upgrade for just a few of those green notes in your purse.

Click here to get some now!


Siris `Paen` Misery Nyght (439199) : Well.... [hm] I hope my wifey doesn`t see this.... [hehe]
Siris `Paen` Misery Nyght (439199) : That answers the question of if emotes work here or not....
What about the covens? Should they not be divided too, then?
Scarlet LaVey Nightlord (692717) : LMAO!
Lydea Mey (292043) : XD Instantly I knew!
Siris `Paen` Misery Nyght (439199) : I would roll over laughing if the divorce thing was serious.... All the divorces that would be happening.... XD
We would rename this day Gold Digger`s Day!
Bela Lugosi Dead Silence (590923) : Might as well have a prenuptial agreement available before folks decide upon marriage then also. And both parties pay to enter the agreement. That would eliminate the gold diggers of both sexes. :D
Luna Orion (301501) : Oh great ....well I hope for all of you out there, if you are having problems with your marriage in the game you better work on it now Lol ... I am divided about this
Thea R. Corentine (606515) : Oh god.
Siris `Paen` Misery Nyght (439199) : No... No working things out... You should divorce them before they divorce you.... In fact, go hitch up with the richest single player you can find and divorce them now!
† Mystery Ravenhurst† (351990) : but what his is his..and mine is mine...i dont think so, ash..not going for this
† Mystery Ravenhurst† (351990) : oh i know..duh..april fools
Mortiana SaDiablo (293358) : A good time to be single. ;)
•†Soulful•Sin•Mauvaise†• (298209) : This cracks me up!
Talyn LaRouge (432904) : lolz, nice one
Micheal Goldstar (624525) : Some will leave their partners on purpose just to get the moola..$$$$$ :)
Micheal Goldstar (624525) : Some will leave their partners on purpose just to get the moola..$$$$$ :)
Tyler Orion (698364) : Ash, you evil bastard! Lol
† Damon Salvatore † (206620) : So... isn`t this going a little far? After all, plenty of people in this game technically have mistresses and sugar daddies if you consider in the real world plenty of us have... REAL relationships, and half off not more RoB marriages are for rule playing.

I mean, think about it - I could marry another player who has won the lottery a couple of times, a month or so later get a divorce, and instantly become insanely rich.
On top of that, statistically RoB marriages have... well... NEVER lasted - I`ve been married several times to RL friends, or family. Mainly because we ran a coven together, or a house. One of us decided to leave the coven, or stop playing - divorce. Sinful kana Raven los noches and I have been married I think three times as she ONLY role played (over a year old, and level 20 the first time) and I had more... well everything. She got bored after a while moved on... and now if that would happen I`d lose half my stuff?
Wtf that`s hardly fair.

If you`re going to implement realistic aspects of marriage, then make it serious - prenup option, in game benefits (such as slightly higher payout from Floyd) or something.

Personally I`d feel cheated...
†DeathSlayer†Darkreaper† (694264) : Well this is interesting indeed
DarkAsh (1) : April fools.
Dizzi Sainte (215182) : Dang, Ash butthurt one guy hard core. LOL

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