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A Quick Word On Bounties

Posted on 02-Jun-2021

Today, I have made some tweaks to bounties. Bounties had got to a point where some listings were clashing and getting all tangled up. Those who regularly use the bounty market will know what I mean. So starting today, I am cleaning it up and there now will be only one way for a bounty to finish, and that's to manually claim it. Gone is the half-hourly check. The goal of the bounties now is to be the first to get the required kills and then head to the bounty market to be the first to claim it. This will keep them consistent and have the claim function happen in just one place.

I have also updated the look on some pages and fixed some of the looping back links. The claim link - when applicable - now highlights green which makes the claiming of bounties even more tasty. The coven exp maximum has been increased from 1mil to 10mil, too.

Finally, you can now get notified when someone accepts (or quits) one of your bounties, and you can also quickly view all vampires who have accepted from your live bounties page.


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