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Activity Feed Lottery Winners

Posted on 24-Apr-2017

Thank you to everyone who took part in trying to get as much as possible into the Activity feed as possible over the last few days. The prizes are listed below, the winners below that.

First Prize: 15 Plasma, 10 QP, 3 Potion Credits, 5 Teal Vials

Second Prize: 10 Plasma, 8 QP, 2 Potion Credits, 4 Teal Vials

Third Prize: 8 Plasma, 7 QP, 1 Potion Credit, 3 Teal Vials

Fourth Prize: 5 Plasma, 6 QP, 1 Potion Credit, 2 Teal Vials

Fifth Prize: 3 Plasma, 5 QP, 1 Potion Credit, 1 Teal Vial

6th-10th Prize: 1 Plasma, 4 QP, 1 Teal Vial

11th-20th Prize: 1 Plasma, 3 QP, 1 Teal Vial

21st-25th Prize: 1 Plasma, 2 QP, 1 Teal Vial

First Prize: Brennan Rego Malik (602429)
Second Prize: Zephr (279182)
Third Prize: DarkMessiah (9908)
Fourth Prize: Westenra (714527)
Fifth Prize: Vladina PhDae Yuste (477343)
6th-10th Prize: Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258), RavenRouge Darkmoore (466509) , Ravyn Kostelai y Gwaed Du (372924), Nymira Blake S. Night (376116), Virginia (254441)
11th-20th Prize: Brunette (646032), Senya (710277), Ember Gnmtl Gry w/ sprkl (706066),
Saint Silencer (713907), Blood231 (81299), Mireille Fiore (210419), Dreamweaver (248485), WarCloud (375195), David_Bugsy (620629), Luric Black (686225)
21st-25th Prize: Reltz (533863), Crow Lestat (667743), LSD (89035), ~NR~ Blaze (714157) Leandro Maximus (701742).

Everyone who had an entry in the activity feed over those 3 days have also been given a 2 free QP. Everyone's a winner!



Eregosa (257958) : Well Done Everyone! [yay]
Evangeline Lovarian (123174) : Aw I got a `You Participated!` prize!
Paint it purple (710279) : I didnt get nothing. So sad :(

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