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AP Rage Summary

Posted on 07-May-2017

I hope you enjoyed this year's AP rage event! An amazing 65,112 AP was used during the AP Rage event. An all time record broken once again!

This means that everyone qualifies (who used at least 25 AP during the event) for:

  • 10 QP
  • 2 Potion Credits

    And we also beat the 50,000 AP target meaning everyone can enjoy a free 7 day event. Starting Wednesday May 10th, the reward of a one-week event will begin. A new post will be made on the game update page to what the boost is for that day every midnight of the week.

    Enjoy and thanks for taking part,


    (Insert clickbait here) (710279) : heck ya
    Dreamweaver (248485) : Hi 5 to everyone !
    †Lady†Angelina†Of†Avalon† (329552) : ooooh :O
    Magnificent Meow (254441) : Banana!

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