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Blood Thirst Event

Posted on 12-Jan-2020

Thank you all for your kind words and continued patience through these hard times. I'm exhausted, but there's still a trying week ahead. In the meantime, I have setup a Blood Thirst for you all to enjoy.

Signup before the end of the game day on Thursday 16th January, for a Blood Thirst contest during Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January. I think organising team's based on turns held was a success last time, so we'll do that again, along with the ability to for you to withdraw before the teams are assembled on Friday 17th January if you enter but then something happens that will result in you unable to make it.

In other news, the jackpot for this week's lottery is over $250million. A double rollover. Make sure you have your tickets.

Click here to enter Blood Thirst >>>



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