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Boot Camp & RP Updates

Posted on 25-Sep-2017

Boot Camp & RP Updates

I have a load more RP updates to show you today, some of which the RP CM team has been working on just before I had some time off. Firstly we have a new RP Boot Camp. Which is a basic RP training course that takes you around Reign Of Blood's RP features, and rewards you with Vitality, QP and a collectible along the way. To access Boot Camp, head over the to the RP forums.

Even though the recent update to move inactive RP threads was well received, a criticism has come up that it makes the boards look empty. So to help remedy this, I have made a few changes.

- All new RP forum board layout that groups boards into "On Reign Of Blood" and "Off Reign of Blood" roleplays
- Those threads that were "locked" can actually be posted on now, and when they are posted on, get moved back up to the top automatically
- An 'Active Threads' page has been added to the RP forums
- Your RP threads and post count (with links) added to your profile
- Key section which explains all the icons and letters on the RP forum

You can earn extra Vitality by using the Word Of The Day in your post, today I have added an extra option that allows you to do the same when mentioning the weather.




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