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Brawl & Incursion Changes (Part 4)

Posted on 30-Sep-2018

The coven updates continue! And today, I am making a few more tweaks for brawls moving forward, and re-imagining the new Incursion system.


Brawls got some good updates a few weeks ago which you can read about here, and today I've made a few more.

- To stop overlap glitches, I had to close the Brawl Arena 55 past each hour until hour reset at 00. I have made some adjustments and that has now been bumped up to 58 past the hour
- Wins today/yesterday bonuses is added after your hourly bonus multiplier
- Higher/higher rank/power removed from the bonus rotation

I am also aware that the full results after each brawl is not displaying. I am aware of this issue and I have made a fix, however and I am actively investigating.


As I very well predicted, Incursions were going to be messy, and I appreciate your patience and feedback while putting it live. Today, I have gone over the Incursions again and made some changes to the structure which will hopefully improve them going forward.

Incursions must now be declared and allies assembled on a Monday or Tuesday for the current week. They can be declared for days between Thursday & Sunday. This gives a little bit of time for the defending coven to gather allies if they desire.

I have also fixed issues with the invite link, and fixed a variety of other glitches, and adjusted the rewards. They will also now be a 4 week rolling basis (allowing 2 weeks of attack and 2 weeks of defending) as doing it month by month will cause overlap glitches down the road.

They'll continue to be tweaked and fixed over the coming weeks as I watch how they run in the real world. I have created a new thread to discuss Incursions going forward, please report your bugs and feedback here. I'll be here on hand to fix these as soon as they come up!

Pirate RP Contest Results

From the RPCM Team: Thank you to everyone who entered into the Coven RP Contest, Calling All Pirates. We hope it was entertaining to write, read, and participate in this event. We appreciated the effort and skills presented by the ROB RP Community. As hosts for the Pirate Contest, we learned a lot and will incorporate your feedback into the next contest. Hopefully we can do this again. Please as always send comments and suggestions to the RPCM Team for the next event and theme.



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