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Brawl Updates (Part 3)

Posted on 26-Aug-2018

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As you may now, after my long coven tour I am spending the coming weeks updating and tweaking all things coven. Part 1 was some general updates to covens, tweaks to raids, and a new coven Virtue feature. Part 2 introduced a new conflict system, Incursions. Incursions replaced Skirmishes and Invasions and will be continually tweaked over the coming weeks.

Part 3: Brawl Updates

This week I'll be taking a look at Brawls. Brawls have been the most enjoyed conflict added to the game, and today I hope to make them even better. Make sure you read through all the changes, as some may impact the way you play.

- To stop overlap glitches, Brawl arena is closed at 55 past each hour until hour reset at 00.
- VIP covens can now view live player brawl scores and efforts for the current week
- New option to scroll through previous week's results
- Added the ability to see brawl player stats on all previous weeks, including finish totals (this will be accurate from now on)
- Brawl link on profiles now made much more clear to help stop accidental clicks
- It is now made more clear that you're on the Brawl arena page, not the standard PvP one
- Made it so even if you had been given brawl turns, you can still leave the coven that week as long as you didn't use any
- Made some general layout tweaks and improvements, including bigger enter arena link
- Made it clear and reduced the overall duration of the Brawl protection outlined in the guide
- Made it so you are unable to spend a brawl turn attacking an underaged/under-ranked vampires
- The higher/lower rank/power combinations are now set out to be set at random times 12 times each.
- Two new +1 brawl exp bonuses which you earn if you have 150 PvP wins today, and another +1 brawl exp bonus if you made 150 PvP wins yesterday.

As always, I've opened up a dedicated Brawl feedback thread relating to these updates.



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