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Christmas AP Rage 2019

Posted on 17-Dec-2019

I have recently revisted Greenwood, creating a new layout, increasing payouts, and more. Click here to check it out if you've missed it.

AP Rage

During the 8 day period, starting on Wednesday 18th December to the end of Wednesday 25th December there will be a Chrstmas AP Rage event. Head to the AP Shack to check out all your available options. Use your AP to increase your stats and get free battle boosts during this time!

Christmas Tree

Visit the Christmas tree once a day for a free little turn gift. Santa is hiding in here with nothing better to do.

Christmas Elf Hats

Seasonal equipment is here. Grab a Christmas elf hat, complete daily quests and upgrade it for bigger boosts.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is back! Give a gift of cash, RED, Plasma or AP and it'll be given to another gift giver at random on Christmas. What a lovely way to spread the joy. Or a lovely way to feed your enemies.

Contest & More

We have 3 extra Christmas goodies for you this year. Firstly, there is a ghost themed RP event. Click here to view more information. Secondly, a chat trivia night will take place on Sunday, 22 December at 16:00 RoB time, visit this thread for more information. Lastly, a Christmas Phantom Press edition has been published.

VIP/Plasma Special

Get a Plasma special pack to fuel your AP Rage! Click here to check out the packs >>>



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