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Christmas + AP Rage Event 2018

Posted on 16-Dec-2018

It's Christmas time once again. Most of the Reign Of Blood Christmas event will begin on Monday 17th December and end on December 26th.

AP Rage

A special Christmas AP Rage will happen this Christmas! *Bows to the cheers in the distance*. The AP Rage will begin on Wednesday 19th December and end when the Christmas event does on the 26th December. You can access the AP Shack at Dead City when the time comes to use your AP to increase your stats and get free bonuses for doing so.

Christmas Tree

Visit the Christmas tree once a day for a free little turn gift. Santa is hiding in here with nothing better to do.

Christmas Hats

Seasonal equipment Christmas hats are here once again. Grab a hat, complete daily quests and upgrade it for bigger boosts.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is back! Give a gift of cash, RED, Plasma or AP and it'll be given to another gift giver at random on Christmas. What a lovely way to spread the joy. Or a lovely way to feed your enemies.

Christmas RP Work Place

Not too long ago, the Dead City Work Place got an overhaul and adding an RP element to it. And this week i've made some changes to allow for dynamic events. To start it this off, the Work place RP character now has Christmas themes for the holiday season! The RPCM team has filled it with Christmas joy ready for your enjoyment. Remember taking part in the Work Place RP character thread earns you QP at the end of the month.

Snowball Throwing

You think giving love was fun? Now you can throw (friendly) snowballs at other vampires, and the count will appear on profiles. Choose between white balls or blue balls - whichever is your favourite. (P.S. You can start doing this right now!)

Spring Valley

The tinsel has even made its way to Spring Valley. As if that place could get any better?

External RED Gifts

Earlier this month I created a way for people (friends, family etc) to purchase RED for your account (which you can then use to buy in-game packs) without them needing an account to do so. Find your unique link under the RED section on the Buy VIP page. A perfect Christmas gift!

VIP/Plasma Special

And of course we have a deluciously juicy VIP and Plasma special full of AP, Plasma, Collectibles and more.

Click here to check out the special packs >>>


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