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Coven Conflict Tweaks + NPC Coven Characters

Posted on 31-May-2020

June Quest Month

The June Quest month will very shortly be in full swing! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to view the calendar (when logged in). Make sure you claim them on the day, because if you miss it, you can’t claim it later on. The more days you complete, the bigger the prize at the end of the month.

NPC Coven Characters

The last update earlier in May focused on new RP and lore updates. Today, I have a small update that brings some of that love to covens and houses. Each coven and house can now create NPC characters that can post on the coven or house forum. There is a new “NPC characters” link which takes you to a page that lists them all, too. Coven owners & co-owners can add/edit/delete NPC characters, and vampires with forum moderator powers use them in the forum.

Brawl Tweaks

Starting Monday June 1st there will be a few Brawl tweaks. Firstly, the VIP hourly live log now shows battles that were lost. They’ll be listed as 0 Brawl Exp in red. Secondly, the QP rewards will be increased. Thirdly, 5 new coven missions have been added that focuses on Brawl score. And finally, the brawl exp payouts have been tweaked.

There is now a new personal +1 Brawl Exp bonus if you scored at least 1,500 War exp for your coven on the current week or the previous week (this is transferred if you move covens). The hourly bonus brawl exp values have always slightly changed, as displayed below:

+31 Brawl Exp Kill Vampires With Wins Yesterday
+30 Brawl Exp Kill Vampires With Lower Power Than Age
+30 Brawl Exp Kill VIP+ Vampires
+30 Brawl ExpKill Vampires With 25+ Wins Today
+28 Brawl Exp Kill VIP Vampires
+26 Brawl Exp Kill Married Vampires
+26 Brawl Exp Kill Unmarried Vampires
+25 Brawl Exp Kill Female Vampires
+25 Brawl Exp Kill Male Vampires
+25 Brawl Exp Kill Vampires Older Than 365 Days
+25 Brawl Exp Kill -Evil Vampires
+25 Brawl Exp Kill +Good Vampires

War Of Coven Changes

As time has gone on, it’s become clear to me that coven’s own personal war days are becoming less and less competitively important. Even more so, that the rewards are skewed towards position rather than participation while this change was happening, which makes it easy to manipulate in certain circumstances. Because of this, I’m making some changes.

The focus going forward will be on your coven’s end of the week war score for both your own war day and all-out war day. All-out isn’t changing, but the rewards for your own war day is being shifted towards the end of week position, rather than the position of your personal war day. This shifts the role of your own personal war day to be more picking a good day to get as many kills as possible to put towards your end of week score (coupled with all-out) rather than the position of the day itself.

Conflict: Treaty Updates

Last month saw the introduction of the new coven conflict system, Treaty. It was a huge success and I thank all of you who took part. As we head into June, that means a new Treaty. I will again manually set June’s treaty for June 8th and June 9th again for another test run with these changes.

— Team names are now “Whisky”, “Tango” and “Foxtrot”
— “Kill vampires logged in last hour” replaced with “Kill Vampires With Wins Yesterday” (to match Brawls/BT), now pays +7 per instead of +6 per
— New hourly +10 treaty exp bonus that is given on the first 5 kills each hour of the Treaty
— Increased the minimum Treaty exp requirement for rewards to 5,000, coven minimum now 15,000
— A new combined 2000 cap Treaty exp for actions in Spring Valley, Vadenhill and Ghost town.
— Vadenhill donate to coven now gives Treaty exp as well feeding
— Various bug fixes

Conflict 5

My focus in regards to conflicts will be Treaty up until we hit the next beta run on June 8th and June 9th, but after that is completed, another new coven conflict system will be introduced for testing which I have been slowly working on, which is currently codenamed “Conflict #5 Ambush”. I look forward to letting you guys play with that later in June or early July.


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