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Coven Conflict Changes & New Features

Posted on 29-Jan-2020

2020 is in full swing, and before we move forward any further, I have done some Coven Conflict house keeping.

Conflict: Raids

I've made a couple tweaks to Raids to make them a little more violent. Firstly, coven exp earned from Raids has been increased by 10%. Secondly, when declaring a raid you now have the ability to choose an effect your Raid has on the coven you're raiding. If they choose not to defend, that effect will take place for their next Raid. Either reduce the exp they'll earn, reduce their chance of loot, or increase their requirements (doesn't apply to secret raids). This is a new dynamic I'm testing out and will likely continue to tweak when I get real world results.

New War Day Logs

The Coven War page layout has been slightly updated, which has made room for two new logs which gives you access to look back at the top performing players last week as well as this week, for both war days. These two new logs will begin populating this week. Also, the coven war box now shows your current war exp.

Custom Conflict Messages

Wars, Brawls and Raids now has a new section on the top of each page where covens' can enter strategies or instructions to be displayed to all coven members. These can be edited on the new "Edit Announcement & More" for coven staff who have access.

Brawl Hour Log

VIP covens view the full stats of all the members on a Brawl day. This is great for seeing in real time how your members are doing during the day. Now, I have created another function for VIP covens which breaks down the brawl day by the hour to see how members have done on an hourly basis. You'll find the link when it's your brawl day under "Hourly Vampire Stats (VIP)".



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