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Coven Hall Of Fame Now "Coven Battlegrounds"

Posted on 28-Nov-2021

The Coven Hall Of Fame will now be known as "Coven Battlegrounds", and today, some more changes have been made. Thank you for all your feedback so far. I'm excited to announce these tweaks to the new Coven Battlegrounds:

Quarterly Reset

Starting January 1st 2022, the war and brawl battlegrounds will reset every quarter (3 months). Upon the reset, the first 5 slots will be reserved for covens with less than 10 members when the slots are empty. This will still give plenty of time for covens who have earned their space to enjoy it, but also shake it up a few times a year to get things moving again.

New Missions

10 Alpha Battleground missions have been added and are available to complete today. What's even better, is all previous Alpha Battleground takeovers have been counted!

  • Also, you can now only hold 4 slots on each of the war and brawl battlegrounds

  • New mass BL option when you've gained access to a battleground alpha slot

  • Day of the year now replaced with day of the month

  • Fixed error of an under 7 day old being chosen for the random target

  • Fixed bug that didn't reassign random target when the target left the coven

  • Conflict link bar now includes direct link back to the coven as well

  • Enjoy,


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