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Coven Power Relic Updates (Part 5)

Posted on 08-Oct-2018

Coven Bonus Week

Even though I was completely upfront on how messy Incursions would be, I underestimated the frustation a complicated beta feature would have. So as I continue to work on them as we go forward, I would like to run the following boosts for the week beginning October 8th for you in return for the past frustations.

- Double Raid Coven Exp
- Double Brawl Coven Exp
- TRIPLE Coven Exp From Placing In The Wars End Of Week Top 10

I look forward to getting Incursions stable and complete, and I appreciate your patience as we get there.

Coven Power Relic

I think the coven power relic system is great, and I love seeing covens fight over them every week. I've been looking at ways to expand it without making it too much more generous than it already is. I wanted to really mix it up a bit and see what effect adding 2 particular new power relics into the rotation will do. So, let's find out.

2 New Power Relics
War Boost Relic - If your coven owns this relic at any time during you weekly coven war day or the all out war day, all members will receive +1 war exp per kill.

Brawl Boost Relic - If your coven owns this relic at any time during you weekly brawl day, all members will receive +1 brawl exp per kill.

These two new relics reset hourly. So after you have had the relic for one hour, they can be stolen by another coven.

Other Changes
- Covens can also earn a bonus 10 tokens at the end of any week when a coven power relic is stolen
- Successful coven relic thefts are now displayed on the global Activity Feed
- The automated BL now states which relic is being stolen/pending to be stolen
- New automated hourly check to make sure a valid person in each coven is holding the relic code
- Fixed error where coven VIP colours and icons were not appearing
- Fixed various of small bugs and glitches (mostly unfound)
- Moved power relic link to conflict area of DC & added coven page shortcut
- New coven power relic guide page added
- Made various UI improvements


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