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Coven War Updates (Part 6)

Posted on 15-Oct-2018

Coven Power Relic

Earlier in the week I made some updates and added 2 new Coven Power Relics, if you missed that update, you can click here (new tab) to get caught up. To follow on from that, I have created the option to let go of a Coven Relic (Brawl/War exp ones only) should you no longer require it, and want to go after another one. It's great to see people enjoying those two new power relics. And it's great to see people using them beyond even my own expectations by going for the power relics when a competing coven is holding it, even if it's not your war or brawl day!


I have today slightly adjusted the reward structure for Brawls. So now you'll get a little more!

Coven Wars

I like the Coven Wars, but there are few tweaks and changes I'd like to make. So, today I am further enhancing the weekly coven wars, and these changes will go live on Monday 15th October.

- Updated UI with more focus on last week's total results, now shows top 20
- Your coven now gets news even if you placed outside the top 5 or 10
- Placing in the top 20 of the week now yields a small amount of coven exp
- You cannot leave your coven on the day you earn war exp to stop score glitches

QP Rewards

One of the biggest concerns about the wars in general is how many turns you have to "give up" in order to fight for your coven. While I think that is the whole point, I have decided to give a little QP reward for those players who do fight hard for their coven.

Score Changes

How you earn War Exp on your war day (and the all out war day) is displayed below.

Base War Exp (vampires not in a coven) = 1 War Exp
Base War Exp (vampires in other covens) = 10 War Exp

250 PvP wins today bonus = +1 extra War Exp
1,000 PvP wins today bonus = +1 extra War Exp
Completed 9 daily quests today bonus = +3 extra War Exp

Coven War Score = War Exp x (Average/10)

The average is war exp earned divided by how many turns used by all players in the coven. Having this doesn't hinder scores, it only gives the option to earn extra score by killing more efficiently. So for example, if a coven overall used 1255 turns and earned 14300 war exp, their average would be 11.39, divided by 10 is 1.13. So war score is war exp (14300) x 1.13 = 16159.

To ask any questions or report any bugs, please use this dedicated coven war thread.



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