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Easter, Coven List 9, Optimisations & More

Posted on 28-Mar-2021

Optimisations Etc

At the start of March, I left you with the beautiful and much loved Permanent Reign Of Blood Dynamic Calendar. Throughout March, I have been working on back-end optimisations of the game. Along with some small updates like making the payment process require less clicks, updating the about Reign Of Blood page, implementing the beautiful new PvP battle layout, as well as a few smaller things. In regards to optimisations, I can confirm page loads are now 1/3 faster than they were before I started. As the reduction was done slowly over the month, you might not have noticed a huge jump at once, but it's there. Also, as April is the time of year where I get the annual opportunity to talk to my suppliers about the Reign Of Blood server hardware, i'll be getting down and dirty doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if any hardware upgrades are beneficial for the year to come.

Coven List 9

I can also announce today that coven achievement list 9 is ready to go. To go along with this, each time any coven achievement is unlocked for any of the lists, it will go into the coven news for everyone to see.

Easter Mini-Event

Starting April 2nd, there will be a mini-Easter event with an egg hunt! The details of which will be put on the calendar when the time comes.

April Schedule

Later on the in the month, there will be a Blood Thirst. More information on that later next month, as I will be changing up a couple things with it. Because of this, Treaty will happen earlier in the month and will be manually scheduled for the 7-8th April.



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