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Easter Event & Conflict Tweaks

Posted on 09-Apr-2017

Easter is with us once more, so let's start the celebrations!

Quests For The Golden Eggs

There are 3 big beautiful golden eggs available that are filled with even more beautiful baby eggs, which you can trade for delightful boosts. Crack open a golden egg by completing the Easter quests each day.

Bunny Ears

It's that time again to strap on a gorgeous pair of bunny ears. You can buy a pair from Dead City and increase their power by completing the standard daily quests.

Eggtastic Names

Put "egg" somewhere in your name and on Easter sunday morning I'll give out free stuff to everyone who has!

VIP/Plasma Special

And of course a fantasmic VIP & Plasma sale is on offer, and this will run throughout the event. You can view the full list of offers by clicking here.

The event will go active Monday 10th and stop at the end of Easter Sunday 16th.

Coven Conflict Updates

Today we are also going to experience a few more tweaks to the Coven Wars and the Coven Brawls.

Coven Wars

Not long along, I set the default war exp you earn per kill to 10 to allow for more dynamic ways to earn war exp, and the ability to give bonuses. So starting from Monday 10th April the Coven Wars war exp will work as noted below.

Coven Brawls

I have also made some more tweaks to the Coven Brawls after reading some feedback I have received.

  • Brawl turns can now be given out on the day*

  • Average brawl exp/turns now show after a brawl

  • *Any unallocated brawl turns the night before your brawl starts will insert into your pending reallocated brawl turn total.

    And finally, Ive changed up the hourly random bonus structure a bit. There are 10 unique different hour boosts (12 total, as two are duplicates). So from Monday 10th April, each of the 24 hours of the day will be allocated a boost for each coven the night before. No two covens will have the same boosts active at the same time. VIP covens will be able to see past hours and the only next boost that'll be active. This means that all covens will have access to all the same boosts for the same amount of hours, but they could still show up at any time. The discussion for the Coven Brawls can continue on this forum thread.

    Coven VIP

    Along with the new coven VIP feature mentioned above, I have added a new price point to discount a larger volume of day purchases. Coven VIP is set at $10 (or 1,000 RED) for 30 coven VIP days, and now there is a new $20 (or 2,000 RED) for 90 coven VIP days.



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