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Emoji Support And Custom Emotes

Posted on 03-Nov-2018

If you like emotes and emoji's, then boy, this is the update for you! Strap yourself in.

Reign Of Blood Emoji Support

You may get the same feeling as I do when you hear the word Emoji , however as time goes on, they're becoming more and more commonly used. Emoji's on the web are not 100% consistant, due to the fact your actual phone/computer software is needed to support them so you are able to see them. It's got to the point where people are typing emojis in Reign Of Blood's chat and it just outputs a hexadecimal string where I need to do something about it . As I said, Emoji on the web aren't entirely structurally sound, but I've managed to throw together a script that somewhat converts emoji's properly and displays them in areas around the game . This includes chats, forums, BL's, comments, status and blogs.

Its up to your phone/computer software to keep up to date with them, sadly. I know Apple are very good at keeping up to date with new emojis, so all iPhones, iPads and Macs will be able to see all of them on the latest versions. If you're on older devices, especially on Android, weird codes or symbols may still appear. This is mainly because Android updates come slower to phones like Samsung who are still a version behind. I have an old Samsung J5 (on Android 7) and only half of them show up. Safari on my Mac shows all of them, but on Chrome it is missing some. So Emoji's are only as good as the software you're using.

Even though Reign Of Blood now has loose support for emoji's, most of the time, I'd not use them too much and stick to Reign Of Blood's own emotes.

Custom Emotes

People do ask me quite often to add new emotes, and it is a pain and time consuming to add them in, so I created myself a little script to make it much easier at just the click of a button. As I was there, I figured I could open for anyone to use! Of course, emote tags and use will come at a premium, but that gives you total control over the emotes you add to the game.

When you want to add the emote, you pay the fee, choose your own tag, and upload the emote. When approved, you'll be able to use it across the whole game! When you go to add a new emote, you have the choice of choosing public or private. If it's public, anyone on the game can enter the emote code and use it, but if you choose private, only you (and the people who choose to allow) can use it, but everyone else can see. Pretty cool, eh?

You can find the new emote section on your account page to add and view your custom emotes.

Everyone can have their first public custom emote for just 1 Plasma!


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