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Free Bonus Week June 2017

Posted on 11-Jun-2017

As a sort of a sequel to my blog post, I have been asked by my Dad to create a database system for his business. How could I say no? (Family obligations and all that, plus pesky web developers can rip people off who aren't all that knowledgeable about coding!)

So over the next week, the updates might be a little light, so in return I will a run a one week event, just like we had last month, of free boosts for everyone each day of the week.

Boosts will be active from Monday 12th until Sunday 18th.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy.


Bela Lugosi Dead Silence (590923) : Thank you!
Teada Moon Night (159671) : Noice! Smort!!
Hawkeye (651161) : Works for me.
Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258) : Thanks!!
Axolotl (254441) : [bbbanana]
Auralee Blue`Noise (708665) : yes!
~Marie LaVeau~ (520460) : Hey, dad trumps weirdo vamps any day! Go be a good son and thanks for the perks!
Diana G. Sinclair™ (714847) : Thank you for your hard work!
Decius_Aquilius (714157) : TY
DarkMessiah (9908) : Well done, thanks Ash. [beer]
Omen Armageddon™ (594019) : Nice!

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