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Good bye EU AP Rage

Posted on 10-Jan-2021

Good Bye EU AP Rage

The United Kingdom of Great Britain (God save the Queen) has officially left the European Union - for better or for worse. Depending on which side of the coin you are, we're going to celebrate (or mourn) with a Good Bye EU AP Rage event at the cusp of the country going back into lockdown for 2+ more months.

Starting Thursday 14th January until the end of Thursday 21st January the Good Bye EU AP Rage will be active. What's even better, is RAHP For All will be active during the AP rage event.

There is also an AP Rage Event sale for those who need to grab a little more AP or Plasma before the event starts. Click here to check out the special packs >>>

Reign Of Blood Officially 16+

Back at the end of 2018, I made the announcement that Reign Of Blood will transition from a 13+ age requirement game to a 16+ one. As times have changed over the years, so has the laws surrounding minors online (remember Reign Of Blood is a UK based game). The signup page has required you to declare you are 16+ for a while now, and while the official declaration today won't see any immediate obvious changes, the game now officially has a 16+ age requirement.

New Face Coverings

If you don't yet know, Reign Of Blood finally has a fully stocked Merch Store again. Today, 3 more face covering designs have been added (click them to purchase).

Remember you can use code 10OFF to get 10% off orders of any RoB Merch Store items.

New Layout

Hundreds of you are already enjoying the upcoming new in-game layout. You've probably noticed a prompt pop up on the top left on your screen to ask you to move over. The full move will happen soon, but you have a chance to get used to it in your own time before the switch happens. I highly recommend you start checking it out if you haven't already.



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