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Hall Of Fame, New Player Coven Bonuses & More

Posted on 08-May-2019

New Server

For those who might have missed the news that we're now on updated hardware and software, click here to read all about it and get caught up. The majority of the errors, including the 502/504 shenanigans, have now been resolved and things are looking good. I still have more optimisations to make, so there's still more improvement to come.

Some more coven focused updates this week as I continue to work and improve on the covens and coven conflicts.


As you may have noticed earlier in the week, some changes were made to Brawls, which I have listed again below. We'll see how these changes affect things in the coming weeks and make any tweaks necessary down the line.

- Daggers and minions are no longer used in the brawl arena.
- You can battle throughout minute 58, with the cut off point being 59 past. Except the final hour of the day ending at 53 past due to end of the day resets.
- The score table is now written in chronological order. So the system checks for each bonus in the order they're displayed in the table. The x1.5 hourly bonus applies to the score earned until that point.
- Hourly random bonus score values have been tweaked.
- Coven members who didn't take part in the Brawl now only get a maximum of 1 QP.
- The coven Brawl guide has been updated to show a lot more information.
- Testing 2 new Brawl Exp bonuses. Half hour bonus, and average coven Brawl exp bonus.
- "Vampires With Lower Power Than Age" will no longer be coupled with "Higher Power".
- D icon now sits next to the dynamic hourly changing Brawl bonuses.


Starting from May 13th, Incursions will be tweaked in the following ways. Firstly, we're going to try out scoring based on Incursion Exp totals. Exp bonuses will still apply to (like attacking Operating members) with a couple other dynamic ways to earn extra Incursion exp to pay attention to. Because this could make them more intense, you can now attack once a month, and defend once a month. This allows for more focus and the ability for conflict expansion in the near future (it'll all make sense in time).

Hall Of Fame

The coven Hall Of Fame quickly outgrew the canvas I created for it, which has resulted in me needing to re-think the Hall Of Fame as a whole. So today, the new Hall Of Fame is here with plenty room for expansion. The ways to earn Hall Of Fame credits are listed on the Hall Of Fame, however these payouts are subject to change as we move forward tweaking the conflicts.

Coven Hall

Some tweaks and fixes have been made to the Coven Hall which include an improved look, sponsored covens (which is a free ad rotation for VIP covens) will now only show covens who have filled out the ad description and are accepting new members. I fixed an error when clicking the "show selling point" woudn't properly display it. I have also made a link to the new Hall Of Fame on the main Coven Hall page for players seeking covens who place well in conflicts.

Conflict #5

Overall, I'm happy where each of the conflicts are over the previous months of revisiting most of them. The mammoth task of Incursions are still a working progress, but with today's updates we're moving forward nicely with them (and before I get the "stop adding more before finishing what we got" thoughts flooding in, they're not something that are worked on overnight, they're the result of watching them evolve in the wild, and that doesn't mean I can't and shouldn't keep looking forward). Conflict #5 has now begun early development, and it'll be a completely unique and different approach to fighting for your coven, and not the sort of thing we've seen on Reign Of Blood before. It'll be a tad bizarre, but it'll be fun to see how it's treated. More information will come in the next month or two.

New Player Bonuses

New vampires are the future. As Reign Of Blood is now over 13 years old, it has 13 years worth of updates and new features on top of how the game started. This means more to learn, which can and is overwhelming for new players. I do what I can with the tutorial, but I also know covens play a huge part in training up the future hard-hitters.

What I am proposing today - which I want to put live in the coming weeks - is a mutually beneficial system that enhances the new player experience, and benefits those who help teach the game to the new vampires. The result would be newer players will be able to earn the coven more exp and conflict boosts without skewing the whole system.

For example, just to name a few, in a vampire's first 30 days:

- They earn FULL 10 war exp from attacking players [i]not[/i] in a coven
- They earn double PvP coven exp from their battles
- They earn double coven exp from completing the fixed coven quests
- General conflict exp reward boosts based on % of newer players in the coven

I have started a discussion forum thread here to discuss this idea overall, and what to see what covens feel will make it worth it to them.


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