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Halloween Event 2017

Posted on 22-Oct-2017

The spooktacular time of year is with us once again. And this year, we have a whole host of features for your enjoyment and benefit. Head over to the Dead City to check it all out (or the bottom of the mobile main page if you're on your phone) until the end of the 31st.

Pumpkin Head Outfitters

The seasonal equipment is back, and this time we're wearing pumpkins on our heads. Head over to the Pumpkin Head Outfitters to find your perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkin hunt

From the 24th October, there will be a pumpkin hidden around the game each day. You can only find the pumpkin on the day it's released. So make sure you're on and you find it fast!

Haunted House

The haunted house have magically opened their doors up once again. Search around and see what ghoulish souls you can find in there.

AP Cauldron

The popular AP Cauldron is also back. Throw your AP into the cauldron and see if you get anything extra.

Profile Contest

Done your profile up all nice and scary? Then submit it for prizes.


A couple new halloween themed emote gifts are available at the Dead City gift shop.

Quiz Night

As announced last week, we will be holding a quiz night in general chat on Sunday 29th October 11pm game time. The prizes will include QP and much more. I hope you join us!

VIP/Plasma Special

And of course, we have a delicious VIP/Plasma special for you all to indulge in.. The packs have been tweaked, and I've even added a new one. It has also been given a whole new look which makes it easier to compare. Click here to check them out.



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