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Halloween Event 2023

Posted on 10-Oct-2023

It's Halloween again! Things are going to get undead crazy around here. We have three weeks of events lined up to keep your spooky lust for blood flowing! The first wave of Halloween features will begin when the clock strikes midnight and October 11th begins.

AP Cauldron

The famous and much loved AP Cauldron has returned this Halloween season. Instead of using your AP at the AP shop, throw them into the AP Cauldron, and you never know, you might get more than just 1 stat for your AP in return.


Once a day you can try your luck at the Trick-Or-Treat. Gamble one of your stats for the chance to win back more. Feeling lucky?

Pumpkin Throwing

I know how much you guys love to throw stuff at each other. Pumpkin throwing has returned where you can throw to your heart's content and the counts will be displayed on your profiles.

Profile Contest

It's time to glam up for Halloween! Dress according and submit your profile for prizes at the end of the event.

Graveyard Grift RP Contest

This month's RP contest is called "Graveyard Grift"! You have until the end of the month to submit your story and win prizes.

Zombie NPC's (11th-17th October)

Zombies have taken over the NPC arena! During the week, the zombies will yield DOUBLE blood for kills and TRIPLE blood for finishes compared to their wolf counterparts. Also, collect zombie flesh and if enough vampires work together and gain enough, the better boosts they'll be!

Zombie Flesh Boosts (11th-17th October)

Depending on how much zombie flesh is extracted from the NPC arena during this week, will determine how boosts will be available for all vampires to enjoy the final week of the event. You can get up to 5 pounds of zombie flesh per NPC kill. The weight can add up quickly so don't rush your kills for maximum results, wait at least 5 seconds if I were you to make sure you can manage the load. You also get +1 pound of flesh per finish. Not appealing to you? No problem, enjoy the blood bonus and miss out some QP. I can't wait to see all that rotting flesh pile so high! The flesh boosts on the final week of the event will only apply to vampires who contribute at least 2,000 pounds of flesh.

Zombie Hunt (18th-24th October)

While I can't look into the future, it would be awful if a few zombies escaped out of the NPC arena and you had to hunt them down.

Zombie Caps & Upgrades (25th-31st October)

While Zombies are a real threat, I've printed some caps you can all wear and upgrade by completing daily quests.

Halloween VIP/Plasma Special

We can't have an event without a special. So during the event grab yourself some bargain VIP and Plasma at the Reign Of Blood Calendar.Reign Of Blood store.

You'll be able to view all these features on the Reign Of Blood Calendar.


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