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Halloween Event And Blood Thirst

Posted on 20-Oct-2018

Halloween Blood Thirst

The popular Blood Thirst event is back again for this Halloween. You have until Wednesday 24th October to join, teams will be assembled on Thursday 25th October and the Blood Thirst will be active on Friday 26th October and Saturday 27th October.

Pumpkin Head Outfitters

Put on your pumpkin heads and join in with the Halloween fun! Choose your style, equip it, complete daily quests to earn tokens to upgrade their boosts and rock the look on your profile. We've got some angry looking pumpkins this year, they're great!

Haunted House

The master ghost is here to troll you once again. Every hour you can collect up to 5 souls to feast on. When you have enough, you can consume them which gives you free QP to use. Who doesn't love some free QP?

AP Cauldron

You might still be sore from the recent AP rage event, but the AP fun doesn't end there. Visit Zelda's AP cauldron to throw in your AP and hopefully get a better return than the standard AP shop. No promises, though. (It is totally worth it.) But you know, no guarantees. Although, do it, you know? I hear the cauldron is giving out speed like there's no tomorrow. But you didn't hear that from me. Unless I get a referral fee, then say it was me. I'm rambling.

Pumpkin Hunt

10 days, 10 pumpkins. I've hidden them in some nasty places that'll make you want to pull your hair out. (Please note: Throwing your AP into the AP Cauldron with your torn out hair may or may not increase your chance of AP success.) The first pumpkin can be found on the 22nd October.

Profile Contest

What is halloween without dressing up for the occasion? Make your profile look all pretty, enter the contest and win stuff. You can find more information on the specifics and details on how to enter at Dead City.

Halloween Song Contest

The RPCM Team is feeling devilish this year about maniacally twisting tunes and lyrics to suit our undead humor here in the Dead City. Take any song or tune of your choice and rework the lyrics or make up your own to give us a laugh, a wriggle, or a thrill!

A Halloween Song contest just for FUN. Look for the starter in the Contest Forums, tomorrow.

VIP/Plasma Special

It may no longer be Reign Of Blood's birthday, and it may not quite yet be Christmas. But that doesn't mean you cannot treat yourself to some goodies. Enjoy the VIP and Plasma sale which will be active until this event ends. If you want to know when that is, just wait like 3 seconds, i'm about to tell you.

The event will begin on Sunday 21st October and end when Halloween is over on October 31st. (I tried to get it extended to October 32nd, but RoB-Bot wasn't having any of it.)

View VIP/Plasma special packs >>>

Have a magical time,

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