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Halloween Roundup & x3 Brawl Rewards

Posted on 01-Nov-2017

Halloween Profiles

I hope you all enjoyed this years Halloween event! I will leave some of the features open for the rest of the day (1st November) to give everyone a chance to claim any left over souls etc.

I have rounded up all the entered Halloween themed profiles, all the profiles that have been verified have been given 10 QP, 10 RED & a Teal Vial for dressing up. There were so many STUNNING profiles this year. A lot of effort was put in and they all looked great. My top ones will receive an extra 20 QP and 100 RED and are listed below. Thank you to everyone who dressed up.

Wednesday (716323)
AXOLOTL (254441)
Absinthe Annie (706066)
Cuphead (700319)
Ashke the Skull LaVey (127113)
GЇʣRMX톙 (316141)
Bonnie the Bunny (236111)
The Joker (693886)

Triple Coven Brawl Rewards

Coven Brawls happen each week. But for next week - November 6th to November 12th - the coven exp rewards and the player QP will be TRIPLED! So make sure you get your coven together and clear a day for killing next week.

P.S. The Halloween Plasma special will be up until November 3rd.



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