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Happy Mothers Day

Posted on 26-Mar-2017

If you've not already noticed, I've setup a brand new game news blog system to replace the old offsite one.

Along with this you'll notice a new notification of game news, which will take you to the page showing all the recent game news posts. Clicking the top "New Game Blog" box that comes will automatically clear the notification.

Today in the UK is Mothers day, so happy Mothers day to all the Reign Of Blood mothers. Head over to the Promo Code page enter in mothers2017 for some free goodies. (You don't have to be a mother to get in on this).



DarkAsh (1) : Wooohooo!
Scarlet LaVey Nightlord (692717) : Thanks!
Evangeline De Loughrey (123174) : Happy Mother`s Day RoB mummas!
†Lady Katherine Kross† (438751) : Thank you Ash :)
Lovisa Aeron Sangrian (341667) : Woo!!! Happy mothers days to all mothers around the world and around RoB.
Rosalie Stormlighter (184345) : Happy Mothers day to the UK Mothers
woogieDS W.T.F ~trin<3 (159308) : nice work
Rob-Bot (2) : This is just spot on.
Alabaster Nugzim (197706) : Happy mothers day to all of you out there.
† RiZZY † (221897) : Happy Mother`s Day!
(Insert clickbait here) (710279) : cheers to mothers day. wish i could have a good one.

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