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Incorporating More Roleplay

Posted on 30-Jun-2017

Reign Of Blood has such a wide array of people, and over the years has built up into something that can accomodate almost everyone. There have been suggestions over the years regarding RP, some are good, although not all are really viable. I always encourage people to make suggestions to tell me what they want to see in the game, and today I will deliver hopefully at least a step in a right direction in one area in particular.

New Roleplay Stats

I have created new stats to reward social and RP parts of the game. Firstly, we have Vitality.

Vitality is a stat used to display your efforts and participation in the social/RP elements of the game.
Spirit is sort of like turns for your RP activities, which is used to earn Vitality.
Charm is like Karma for your RP content. You can spend some of your Spirit to give people Charm.

You get 10 Spirit a day which can be used in the RP forums, RP chat, writing a blog, giving Charm and something else that will be explained shortly. Using Spirit in these activities will earn you Vitality.

Vitality is displayed as a vanity stat, but also for every 3000 Vitality, you get +1% blood boost fighting the NPC werewolves.

New RP Panel

The RP Panel has been updated to incorporate the new stats, as well as new the features and a full guide to this new system. The RP character section has been streamlined and is now located on the right.

Scribble Wall

You can also use Spirit to write on the scribble wall via your RP Panel. To write a scribble you must use blood or silver. You can post as yourself or any of the RP characters you own.

Word Of The Day

As you may have noticed, you can now choose a WORD OF THE DAY. Where vampires can submit and vote on a word to be put into tomorrow's rotation. I'm making this feature benefit RP, too. If you use the word of the day in any of your RP forum/chat posts, you'll earn some Vitality.

Social/RP Missions

I have added a new missions tab called "Social Missions". These missions reward you for taking part in the social and RP sections of the game. They pay QP just like normal missions, but they also give you Vitality.

Forum Updates

The two main ways to to publicly RP on the game are through the chats and forums. Today I want to expand the use of the forums. Firstly, I created a new OOC (out of character) board, and have added new board for each of the locations on the game. I updated all of the location (Dead City, Ghost Town ertc) headers to include a link to the relevant RP forum board for people to post and RP stories in that area.

I'm looking for a couple new staff members in charge of creating, encouraging and rewarding RP content on the game. You can find the forum post here for more information.

Click here to see the full guide.


The first 3 genuine and effortful RP threads posted on each of the new game location's RP forum boards will earn the poster 10 free QP.

Hope you enjoy the updates,


Lorraine E. Hawthorne (51937) : YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. It`s the only word I can come up with. YES.
Meriedi HelsUsi© (680310) : o.o O.O owo OWO
Rain the Dragon Goddess (682782) : "Spirit is sort of like turns for your RP activities..." Probably a dumb question, but does that mean RP activities per day are being limited?
DarkAsh (1) : @Rain No they`re not, just only X amount will give you Vitality
Dragon_Stark (615025) : The thing that discourages RP in the public forum for me is all the damn rules. Like not being able to RP in the first person. That`s how I RP, and I`m not changing that. It``s an acceptable form of writing. Look at the Anita Blake series, or the Jane Yellowrock series. Both are written in the first person. If you relax some of the rules, you might get more people involved
Mia [Rabbit] Piperô (236111) : WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED! The RP scene has needed a bit of spice for ages! Thank you so much!
Aislinn G. LeClaire (192423) : THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, ASHIE, FOR THIS!!!
DarkAsh (1) : @Dragon Keeping some consistency (like talking in 3rd person) makes it more clear for everyone taking part. The rules aren`t there to be a pain, its to get people on the same page and everyone understanding each other.
Evangeline Lovarian (123174) : This is amazing and I`m so happy
Kairi (Katie) (288503) : I do not like roleplay BUT it`s not a huge boost and it should help keep the site ticking over :)

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