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Incorporating Roleplay Part 2

Posted on 07-Jul-2017

Thank you all for your patience with these new RP features. I threw them all out and I know people are still trying to work it all out. We have hired some RP Content Managers, a big thank you to all that applied! As I always, I wish I could pick you all.

We are however still taking applications for RP forum mods and you can apply again to this if you've applied but not been chosen this time. (I've had people ask me, so I want to make clear that if you were not chosen for a previous job, doesn't mean you can never be chosen for another job in the future)

The RP Content Managers will be charge in encouraging RP activity and have the ability to run contests with game-funded prizes. They also watch the RP forum for what they consider spam and abuse of the Vitality system, taking some load off the RP forum mods.

People are really liking the idea of integrating game locations into the RP boards, and thank you to the staff who were able to get some RP threads going before the new feature went live. Now that everyone is settling in we can start to adjust and adapt.

My aim with these features is to blur this RP/Non-RP line we have. My goal is not to force people who don't want to RP to RP, I am just creating ways that can reward people who do RP. None of the RP features will be adding into achievements lists or anything like that, it's just little rewards that mean something.

That being said, I have some more updates to share with you today. A lot of which is feedback from people using the new system.

RP Forum

- Main forum page now has link to dedicated RP forum board instead of sending you down the main forum page
- When a thread is locked or closed because of inactivity, it is archived and removed from the main forum list. All archived threads are listed below the new reply box. You can also request to have an archive thread unlocked if you wish to continue or re-open the story.
- You can now choose to get a notification when any new forum RP thread is made. See it on the blogs/RP news category
- "Within The City" and "Dead City" boards have been merged
- A new beginners board has been added that has more laxed rules, available for people to dabble in RP and get familiar with our rules and structures
- The OOC board no longer requires a character
- 100 characters required to earn Vitality for your RP forum posts
- You can now use 1 spirit a day posting in coven or house RP boards
- RP forum boards have been broken into categories. Beginners & rules, free & OOC, and then character based RP's
- Thread list shows first 18 characters of usernames to stop threads bulging over 2 lines
- Give charm option added to the coven and house RP forums replies

RP Panel

- New list of links that relates to some of the new RP features and options
- RP Panel forum list now matches the style and look of the actual RP forum lists
- Updated and improved the scribble wall layout
- Vitality and charm leaderboards have been added

New Stuff

- The Dead City Library is open where people can post stories, either as themselves or RP characters. A story can also be ported over to the RP forum to begin an RP
- Mark yourself as "RP" and get shown on the RP list if you're looking for people to RP with privately or publicly
- RP Stats added to profile once you earn 100 Vitality (can be hidden)

Thanks to the RP forum mods who have helped streamline this, and thank you for your feedback, keep it coming!


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