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June Conspiracy Month

Posted on 13-Jun-2021

It's conspiracy month here on Reign Of Blood. So grab the aluminium (that's al-you-min-e-mum) foil out of your cupboard and let's get started.

We're going to start with Treaty, where the teams are The Plotters, The Skeptics, & The Schemers. Which of these shifty teams (did you have to read that twice?) will take the crown this month?

Up next is the RP contest Tin Foil Hat Tales.

There's been a hushed whisper on the edges of Dead City, rumours growing in dark corners. Nefarious secrets passed in near silence, murmured across tavern tables in the wee hours of the night - but as rumours so often do, these words have begun to spread.

It seems there's something amiss in our undead metropolis, a corruption that has taken seed and begun to grow, and with it these whispers have gained volume. Gossip given credence, hearsay given heed, until a new term emerges, and is shouted in the streets - Conspiracy.

From June 14th - 30th all Reign of Blood writers are invited to let their imaginations soar and give life to a Dead City conspiracy all their own. Choose a prompt or spin your own web of lies and tell us a tall tale. Win Plasma, QP, Charm & more.

Click here to view the RP thread to take part

Finally, starting June 22nd until the end of the month, we're going to have a Tin Foil Hat season items. You can purchase yours, equip it, and upgrade it through your daily quests.

Click here June's Calendar >>>



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