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Limited Time Plymouth Charity Pack

Posted on 16-Aug-2021

Last week, my town was shook by the first active shooter incident in the whole of the UK in 11 years. The piece of scum killed five people, including a three-year old girl. Today across our town, candles will be lit and moments of silence will take place. The 💚 is being used on social media in tribute to the victims.

The reason for this post is that Jeremiah's Journey is a local charity that gives support and help to children, young people and their families who have experienced death. They are already working in Plymouth since the shooting to provide advice, support and help to families affected. There's a local Fundraiser for this charity, and I have setup a £3($5) in-game pack that'll be available for the next 24 hours where the majority of the proceeds will be donated to this fundraiser.

The pack has now expired, but you can click here to donate directly. You can also click here (when logged in) for more info & my forum thread last week on the incident.



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