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Little Things & Mobile + Surprise Return

Posted on 10-Oct-2019

Sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life. And that's what today's updates are all about. Lots of little things! I have gone through many of the smaller quality-of-life suggested ideas that are viable and implemented them today, along with some mobile updates.

Little Things

- The coven search options will now remember the options you previously chose if you use the provided back button.
- Each coven conflict now has its own coven staff position, coven staff page also redesigned.
- Confirmation page added when choose to donate Vadenhill human to coven right after harvesting it.
- You can now select multiple forum subscriptions to delete at once.
- Side box for all-out war day added.
- When clicking on an internal link, it will now automatically send you to the mobile site if you're on mobile, and desktop if you're on desktop.
- You can now donate SV & VH potions to your coven.
- View Enemy List 1 link on enemy list 2 not always registering a click.

Mobile Updates

- Increased the size of the top [ Heal ] link and now displays on all pages.
- The back link after voting now takes you back to the mobile site if you clicked from there.
- Battle arena list now shows vampire VIP & sex icons.
- You can now see the blood boost of your equipped collectibles.
- Better aligned the Vadenhill feed links.
- Achievements stats page added.
- News link added to the side menu.
- Fixed error that wouldn't let you accept NPC party invites.
- Fixed coven forum post date not displaying correctly.

Phantom Press

A surprise Halloween Edition of the Phantom Press has been published to get us in the upcoming Halloween mood. Thank you to all those who contributed. I hope you enjoy it. There are bountiful amounts of contests and competitions full of juicy prizes for you to get your hands on.

Finally, grab a midweek madness pack before they run out.


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