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March Madness 2024

Posted on 29-Feb-2024

I am taking my much-needed annual eye break a little early this year, but as you well know, I never leave you high and dry! Don't worry though, I'll still be around. There's lots to look forward to this year, some of which we'll begin talking about in April.

So while I am MIA you all can enjoy... March Madness. You will notice loaded into March's calendar is a whole lot of boost days! That's crazy. All those boost days. That's nuts. Bonkers, mate.

March 1st: Double Turns
March 2nd: +88% PvP Blood
March 3rd: +99% NPC Blood
March 4th: +55% PvP Money $
March 5th: +77% NPC Blood
March 6th: +22% PvP Money $
March 7th: +66% NPC Blood
March 8th: +33% PvP Blood
March 9th: Double Turns
March 10th: +33% PvP Blood
March 11th: +22% PvP Money $
March 12th: +44% PvP Blood
March 13th: Double Turns
March 14th: +33% PvP Blood
March 15th: +66% PvP Money $
March 16th: +55% PvP Blood
March 17th: +44% NPC Blood
March 18th: Double Turns
March 19th: +66% PvP Coven Exp
March 20th: +77% PvP Coven Exp
March 21st: +33% PvP Blood
March 22nd: +22% PvP Blood
March 23rd: Double Turns
March 24th: +77% NPC Blood
March 25th: +99% PvP Blood

St. Patrick's Day Hats

Starting Monday 11th March through Monday 18th March you'll be able to buy yourself a lucky hat! What's even better is you can complete your daily quests for the ability to upgrade them to give you even more boosts during the week.

There might just be some extra surprises through the month!


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