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Merry Christmas

Posted on 25-Dec-2017

Christmas is finally here and the Christmas event (via Dead City) will still fun for a few more days. But, as an extra surprise we've had teams of vampires working hard to bring you sweet new content. A big thanks to all involved, and to those who will continue to be involved as we move it forward. If you love to read, this is for you.

The Phantom Press

The PP has come and gone over the years as running an online newspaper is a lot of work. We now have a new team (to be publicly announced shortly) and they have put together a new format and a teaser issue. A notification will be sent out when it's published, which will be either later today or Boxing Day.

Lore Panel

We had story quests a while ago, and it struggled for the same reasons that the PP has, and that's because of the amount of work needed. As you may have noticed, we now have a dedicated team of RP CM's that have got the ball rolling, except now we've changed it up a bit.

Introducing the new Lore Panel.

This new lore panel is accessible from your home page and will sit with the game, coven, RP and social panels. This panel will be dedicated to sharing the back story of Reign Of Blood in a story and quest format. We have the prologue all ready for you to read as a teaser to what we will be doing in the future - we hope you enjoy it!

Secret Santa

The Secret Santa gifts have been sorted! Go to the Secret Santa page (via Dead City) to see who got what, and for a free promo code.

Another Passing

Although I don't like ending on a sad note, this week we lost one of our oldest players - Lord Astiroth. I owe this guy a lot, and thanks to his belief in me when the game opened over a decade ago, everyone at the time was able to build the foundation that Reign Of Blood has grown on today. May his statue in the Ancient Ruins forever celebrate his immortality.

Have a great Christmas, and I'll see you in the new year.

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