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Minion Updates And Market Test Concept

Posted on 19-Feb-2018

Greenwood QP Changes

While doing some Minion updates and looking over the searcher minion, I decided, as I was there, to make some more tweaks to the Greenwood hidden QP.

Firstly, there are now a total of 12 hidden QP's. Section 1 can be found between midnight-noon. Section 2 can be found from noon-midnight. And Section 3 can be found throughout the whole day (which acts as an overflow for sections 1 and 2). This hopefully will give players who login and play at different times of day an increased chance of getting some QP. And secondly, each vampire now has the ability to find up to 2 hidden QP's in any day. View forum thread for more information.

Minion Updates

Not long ago I revisited Minions and made a whole host of new updates. The new features as a whole were well received. There was a lot of feedback and suggestions made to even further improve Minions, so today I've made some more updates to them.

1)The hunger notification Plasma Boon now gets reset hourly rather than daily, just incase later in the day your minion gets hungry again. (As before the you would only get the notification maximum once per day, which appeared like it wasn't working if your minion got hungry again later in the same day.)

2) You can now choose which minion appears on your profile. The default will be your warrior minion.

3) More minion leaderboard categories added which cover all types.

4) New Plasma Boon "One Minion Food Pot". Which creates one food pot you can feed all your minions from. (When you unlock this Boon, all your current food scattered between your minions will all go into your single pot, they won't get removed.)

5) You can now easily see how many Minion-AP each minion has.

6) List 12 achievement now reads 'Minion Of 5 Different Types All Level 15+".

Market No Resale Concept (beta)

I believe in keeping the auction market as free as possible. However, the rampant reselling turns folk away from a great trading experience. Today, I have implemented a test feature in the Auction Market that might help the situtation without damaging the free nature of the market.

And that is a no reselling option.

When players list Plasma for auction, they have the option to choose "NO RESALE". This means the buyer can ONLY spend the Plasma they are buying at the Dead City Plasma Shop or unlocking Plasma missions.

Why do this? Well this is where the testing comes in. I'd like something that incentives people to sell this way sometimes. As it stands now, you will get a+25% cash bonus (from the game) for the price you sold it for (Depending on where the prices land, this might be adjusted either way.)

For some preliminary tests, I've listed some Plasma to see what kind of prices they go for when they cannot be resold. View forum thread for more information.

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