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More Coven Conflict Tweaks

Posted on 12-May-2017

Today there have been further tweaks to our coven conflict systems, as we continue to improve them.


The feedback for brawls has been overwhelmingly positive since its debut in this form, and today I plan to make it little better still.

- 500 power bonus is now within 1000 power bonus
- The 3 hourly bonus kills now completely regenerate each hour
- The 3 hourly double brawl exp now pays 1.5x brawl exp


A couple of tweaks to Raids have been made. Firstly, a new 'Secret Raid' where once a month a coven can raid completely undetected, and it won't count as loss for the other coven. This will help the smaller covens get a chance to get raid wins who struggle with it.

I have also fixed a few reported bugs, including a glitch with the battle list links.


I have implemented the suggestion to have a skirmish auto-win when you have enough round wins where the defender (or attack) cannot come back, the exp bonuses have been adjusted to reflect this. I have also added a coven VIP feature that allows you see all previous rounds while a skirmish is active.

Hall Of Fame

I've adjusted the Hall Of Fame credits system. It now costs 100 credits to get a spot on the Hall Of Fame, but more payout options have been added.

- You can now get +1 credit for each successful Raid
- Brawls pay out up to 20 credits and all covens who take part earn some
- Coven wars end of week tally now pays out keys to all covens who take part
- Winning a Skirmish pays out 10 credits

I have also added a bunch more slots to the Hall Of Fame, and changed it so the coven tag is displayed to save some room.

Conflict Bar

I have added a new 'Conflict Bar' at the top of the coven page. It gives you quick access to check them out rather than navigating through Dead City.

Payment System Shenanigans

Earlier in the week it was reported that our primary direct payment system provider, Realex, was no longer working. They changed some of their encryption methods which killed our payment form. After talking with them today, it's been sorted out and Realex payments are now back up. In the meantime I replaced them with another provider, which we use for our subscription packs. People seemed to like using them just as much, so I've left Stripe on a permanent payment provider. On the plus side, Realex is now mobile friendly, so it now a payment option on Reign Of Blood mobile, too.


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