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My New Game: Reign Of Vampires

Posted on 01-Apr-2018

Introducing my new game: REIGN OF VAMPIRES.

I've been thinking long and hard for some time now on how to bring a new vampire game into the world without doing any damage to Reign Of Blood. And not too long ago, I had that light bulb moment people talk about.

I'll just clone the bitch!

I though to myself, wait a minute. People are smarter than this. They will see I have just copy and pasted all of Reign Of Blood's code into a new game. To try and hide this fact, we'll have to divert their attention with a really cool eye popping name.

And then it hit me.

Just replace the last word!

So Reign Of Vampires was born.

It's in closed beta, but the good thing is, you all already know how to play.


For a limited time I am giving you a chance to check it out. As you know, it's the same game you're playing now, just a name change, so you'll feel right at home. But it's not, okay? It's totally unique and new and awesome and cool. Tell your friends.

Click Here To Go To ReignOfVampires.Net To Play >>>

I'm thinking of making making 3 or 4 more clones over the next year and really moo the hell out of it. What do you think? Let me know.



Lanslow Kreeg (96913) : at least 3, that would level the playing field, I might actually be number 1 in one of them.
Bex Corleone (283954) : loooooooool
Captain Franck Desh (682503) : Love It....April is the month for Fools. Good one ASH.
Rose EggBun Agares Malone (720051) : Nice one Ash
WarCloud, Slayer of Women (375195) : I wish I was as smart as you Ash, this is the best idea I`ve ever seen.
Kyril Blades Mactavish (702945) : Wait a minute...
Anara Starfallen X (720042) : ROFLMAO LOVE IT!!!
Terror Hotkillerz (40891) : too all that fall for that shit ur a bloody dumbass. nice try ash
Allili of House Dimir (682782) : *glances at the calendar* Lol, nice try.
(Insert meme here) (710279) : Ya...nice try
DarkMessiah (9908) : April Fools~!!
() : hi

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