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New Coven Conflict: Incursions (Part 2)

Posted on 06-Aug-2018

Welcome to the first edition of a new coven conflict system: Incursions.

Incrusions is a brand new coven conflict system which will be replacing both Skirmishes and Invasions. As I've said before, and what I have learned through my coven tour, is the concept of one coven vs another coven is no longer in fashion and people don't care for it much anymore. The ability to beat a coven at something isn't in people's desires as time has gone on over the years. This is obvious when you look at how popular Wars and Brawls are. People prefer beating everyone rather than someone. That much has been made absolutely clear.

That means Skirmishes and Invasions are no longer relevant. So I have merged the two into a middle ground between 1 v 1 and all v all which I am calling Incursions.

An Incursion is a hourly round based system where up to 3 covens can ally up and fight up to 3 other covens. When the day comes, all involved covens fight it out for coven exp and tokens. There is a team chat of course, and a personal QP reward for all coven members who take part in the coven weekly Incursions.

The ways Incursions differ from Skirmishes or Invasions is they're based off a new operating member tally. This is slightly different than the "active" member variable that's used for other conflicts. Operating members are members of a coven who have battled or spent quest tokens this week or last week. The Incursion exp is divided by operating members of the whole team at the end of each round.

Incursions are flexible. You can still 1v1 with them, however rewards are increased the more covens that are involved.

Incursions is incredibly more complicated than it looks, with a lot of moving parts. I am going to be up front as say there will be probably be bugs, and things (like reward structures) will most likely be changed or tweaked as this sets off in the real world. This is an awfully complicated system and even though in my simulations I have run through every possible scenerio and it works okay, when it's put out into the real word, anything can happen.

This is a good starting point and looking forward to building on them after seeing how they're used.

Click here to read the full guide >>>

As always, I've opened up a dedicated forum thread for Incursion discussion which you can find here.



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