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New Global Events Feed

Posted on 31-Jul-2021

We have the activity feed which is great for keeping up with vampire and coven activity that happens throughout every single day. But today, I am introducing a new global feed to fulfil another need.

There are some weekly or monthly events that might pass you by on a regular basis. I am always really interested in seeing who won the lottery each week, but come most Sunday evenings, I often completely forget to check (getting old). So those big events that happen will now be placed into the new Global Feed. This will allow everyone to easily be able to keep up with what's happening on a regular basis, and give exposure to those players and covens that do really well each week, as well as a nice welcome for each new day.

This also allows me to properly mass ping things like promo codes and those (attention) updates, so I can keep the game updates page being game updates only.

What's more exciting, is that this global news feature will also play a big part in two big features coming up this year. When something is posted to the feed, you will receive a notification, but you'll also find it on the top bar, and above the activity feed section on the mobile homepage.

Of course it's a little empty right now, but it'll fill soon. Click here to check it out.


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