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New Heal Button, 2024 Blood Thirst Event & Calendar Bonus Month

Posted on 29-Dec-2023

You might have noticed I recently ran a poll asking people to report backlink errors they were running into. To my surprise, around half of them were errors surrounding the VIP quick heal. While many of you know how it works and know when best to use it, it seems some people get caught off-guard. The problem with the VIP quick heal link is due to the way it quickly redirects you back after healing. If you heal on a battle page, or a page after submitting a form, it can cause issues. It looks like errors are popping up more often either by accident or it's not intuitive as it needs to be.

New Heal Button (Beta)

To help remedy the issue of the VIP quick heal button, I have created a new button which heals you in the background. No longer are you redirected and redirected back. You simply click the heal button and you're healed without any reload.

You can switch between the old type and this new type of heal button depending on which best suits you and which works best for how you play. You'll find that option on your Account page. This new heal button is currently opt-in for a slower rollout to fix any issues that arise. Go to your Account page if you want to opt in and try it out.

The new heal link (beta) is available on desktop for now but will be available on mobile very soon. I have started up a dedicated new heal button forum thread for any questions, bugs or comments!

2024 Blood Thirst

We're going to start 2024 off with a bang... a Blood Thirst bang! The first Blood Thirst of the year will take place on Saturday 6th January and Sunday 7th January. Make sure you enter by the end of Thursday 4th January! Go to the Blood Thirst page to enter starting January 1st, 2024.

January 2024 Calendar Bonus Month

To celebrate the new year, we're going to have free daily claim bonuses every single day of the month! What's even better, is if you claim your daily free bonus with 50+ PvP wins yesterday, you'll get extra QP, Turns and cash. Upgrade to calendar premium (which you'll be prompted to do when you claim your first day, or use the add to basket link at the top of the calendar) to get an extra QP bonus and more! If you ever wanted to try out the calendar premium, this will be the month to indulge!

Have a happy new year, and I look forward to what 2024 brings us.


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