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New Permanent Dynamic Reign Of Blood Calendar

Posted on 01-Mar-2021

New Permanent Dynamic Calendar

Ever since the start of this COVID-19 pandemic I have implemented special calendars on some months to keep the vampires locked inside a little more occupied. The calendars have been a bigger hit than I imagined they would be. When I let everyone know last Autumn that I'll be working on a new game layout (which everyone is finally on, more on that in a hot minute), one of the big things I hinted that would allow is a new permanent dynamic calendar.

Located on the top bar, you'll see a new "Calendar (x)" link. This will take you to the new Reign Of Blood Calendar. This will be for every month of every year going forward. The (x) will be the actual count of events that are active on the current day. This brings together all the coven events, game events, lore events and personal events and more.

[G] - Game event (any sort of game boosting event days)
[C] - Coven event (your covens war days, brawl days etc will be listed under this category)
[L] - Lore event (game lore and RP events will be listed under this category)
[C] - Custom coven event (your covens own events, see below)
[M] - Your event (your own personal events and reminders, see below)

Custom coven events is where covens can post their own custom events into all their member's calendars. This goes beyond the conflict events which are automatically put into the calendars for all members. These are posted in real time, but checked like mass bl's are.

You also have the ability to post your own personal events which are private and only seen by you. You can set one-time events, monthly recurring, or yearly recurring. Good for setting birthdays or anniversaries you shouldn't be forgetting. So you don't forget, the (x) at the top will the count of today's event total, but you'll also get notifications for all events due at the start of every day (except coven ones as conflict banners pop up around the site).

March's Calendar is now ready for viewing and jam-packed with a month full of boosts starting March 2nd.

New Layout

Welcome to the new Reign Of Blood layout! Although I said I would port everyone over at the start of 2021, I've had some personal stuff I've had to endure which pushed it back, but today is that day. For the few remaining that hadn't manually switched over, welcome to the future.

Now we all on same layout, I am going to spend time working quietly in my corner doing optimisations, including getting rid of old stuff, layout bloat, and more that's no longer needed. During this period you’ll notice the site slowly get faster and faster. I can't wait to have things more efficient! If you have issues with new layout please continue to post here as I continue to improve it.

Achievements List 15

It's that time of year again when a new achievements list is added for the upcoming year. Achievements List 15 is now ready for you.


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